Privacy Policy
A Short Summary:

Neo Jurassica understands the significance of privacy. Therefore we only collect and process data on your consent. Data collection and procession are compliant with General Data Production Regulation(GDPR). Given the nature of our business model, we DO NOT collect SENSITIVE or LARGE AMOUNT of personal data. The majority of personal information are collected upon registration, and only a few necessary information are obtained.

Why Do We Need These Information:
What Do We Collect
How Do We Collect Data:

The majority of data are obtained upon user registration. We may collect some information, such as your addresses, through emails and other measures of contact.

What We DO NOT Collect:

We understand and respect digital privacy of our customers. Therefore we do not collect any sensitive personal information such as social security number, education background, religions and sexual orientation.

How Do We Share Our Data:

Neo Jurassica do not share, sell, trade or rent any information collected with any party except we have your consent on information sharing. All information stored are for the business only and we do not disclose any information outside Neo Jurassica.

Where Do We Store Our Data:

We store all data collected in our databases.

How Can You Edit and Control Your data:

Most of the data collected from you are displayed in your user profile page. You can edit them at any time. You can limit the amount of data we collect from you by contacting us through email or contact page.