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Research Support

Neo Jurassica believes strongly in the advancement of palaeontological theory. We embrace the scientific community, and we support the use of our specimens in research by accredited academic institutions.

Research Discount

Neo Jurassica believes public researchers should be allowed reduced financial difficulty in acquiring palaeontological specimens that may prove useful in current research activity. Therefore, accredited Museums, Universities and Research Centres are entitled to discount on all fossils provided by Neo Jurassica.

Additionally, specimens that are intended for public display, even if not for research purposes are entitled discount as it is our philosophy to encourage public education of the prehistoric past.

For more details, please contact us.

Fossil Access

We allow palaeontologists physical access to see fossils that are currently in our collection or undergoing preparation in our laboratory. These viewing are by appointment only and are solely for intended research and analysis purposes.

Please contact us if you are a palaeontology researcher and wish to be granted access to this service.

3D Scans

For researchers and palaeontology-minded individuals who wish for a cheaper alternative to acquire our fossils we provide 3D scans of our specimens. These are available for researchers who wish to analyse the osteological details of our specimens in high resolution.

We also provide a service of producing high-quality replicas of fossils currently and previously in our collection. These can be to scale or to any modified dimensions and will consist of plastic, with colouring optional. Such replicas are also ideal for public displays and can be provided with specimens we sell as an alternative for the public to view while the genuine fossil is used for research.

Files will be available soon.