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Simon, the Plesiosaur

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Genus: Plesiosaurus

Location of Discovery: Portland, Dorset, UK, Europe

Time Period: Jurassic; Sinemurian; 200-190MYA

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Item Description:

Simon is one of our plesiosaur specimens. He is from Portland, England. For a plesiosaur, Simon is considerably large. His remains consist of 28 vertebrae and 4 arm (propodial) bones. We think Simon would have been among the largest of marine reptiles of his time, his remaining bones certainly make him seem impressive. Simon is ideal for a skeletal display, and we at Neo Jurassica believe he would be well suited for display next to Sarah, our other plesiosaur who was found the just months apart near to the location Simon was found. Additionally, Simon would be nicely paired with Ethan, the Ichthyosaur, which was found with Simon at the same location at the same time. (Please note: this fossil was all found at the same location but not all bones can be guaranteed to be from the same specimen).

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