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Plesiosaur Propodial (with predation marks)

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Genus: Plesiosaurus

Location of Discovery: Portland, Dorset, UK

Time Period: Jurassic; Kimmeridgian; 158-152 MYA

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Item Description:

This fossil is from the Kimmeredgian Clay of the Jurassic Coast of Britain. This specimen was rescued from the bottom of the sea where it would have otherwise been lost forever due to oceanic erosion. The bone pictured above is the last remains of this particular ichthyosaur which would otherwise have been lost from the palaeontological record. As a result of being sunken treasure, this specimen has undergone some erosion before it was dredged back up to the surface which allows you to see the unique impact of nature on this fossil. This particular fossil is the proximal end of the femur, which would have been a fundamental part of this extinct creature’s flipper allowing it to swim in the Jurassic ocean while dinosaurs ruled the land. Specific to this fossil is also marks of predation, which appear to most likely match the shape of pliosaur teeth, suggesting a pliosaur may have hunted and killed this plesiosaur!