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Domestic Shipping

Domestic UK shipping is free. This is inclusive of mainland Great Britain, Northern Island, the Isle of Man, and all islands of the British Isles. This is not inclusive of UK overseas territories which under Neo Jurassica shipping policy have shipping charges in accordance to our international shipping rates.

Large skeletal specimens can be delivered personally by the Neo Jurassica team and assembled on site if you request. If you would prefer for the fossil to be sent by courier, specimens will be delivered in bespoke packaging, usually with customised shock foam with memory foam inserts. See Premium Shipping Protections for more details.

International Shipping

International shipping rates vary. Due to the unique characteristics of fossils, particularly accounting for distinct weights and sizes, s hipping rates are tailored individually to meet the demands of the specific fossil.

To help you purchase economically, we will obtain a quote for your shipment from our trusted shipping agent International Freight Solutions.

Economy or Express delivery is available with the worlds’ largest carriers such as DHL, TNT and UPS to 220 countries and territories worldwide.


Here are the international shipping options available:

Dispatch Time

All domestically shipped fossils are usually dispatched within 2 working days. All internationally shipped fossils have their custom shipping arrangements organised within 24 hours and then usually dispatched within one working week. This may be subject to change for fossils from the Asteroid Collection depending upon agreed terms.

Premium Shipping Protection

Large fossils are packaged in custom shaped shock foam with memory foam inserts. Foam packaged fossils are sent in custom wooden crates for extra-durable protection. International deliveries are sent in export prepared crates bearing the official ISPM stamp that are heat-treated and fumigated to meet international standards.

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Courier Selection

We are happy to use your preferred courier if viable. Tell your shop assistant about your favoured courier and we will deliver items in your preference.

Item Tracking/Insurance

We are happy to organise tracked and/or insured shipping for you. Tracking number will be provided via Email.

Please Contact us if you have any further questions about delivery.