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Neo Jurassica aims to expand your fossil purchase experience with unique customisation of your fossils. Our service offers:

Frame Mounting

  • This is inclusive of skeletal positioning, individual stands, and display units.
  • Skeletal positioning is restricted to out of matrix fossils and casts.

Table/Wall Mounting

    Restricted to plate fossils (situated in matrix) that meet our sturdiness requirements.
  • Can have custom décor or display table to be made for your fossil.
  • Can have your fossils framed for wall mounted displays.

Replica Skeletal Insertions

  • Complete your skeleton with replica bones.
  • This can be either cast bones or artistic replications.

Fossil Preparation

  • Can have your fossils prepared out of the matrix by a specialist.
  • Can have your fossils cleaned/polished.

We are happy to consider other customisation possibilities to meet your requests. Feel free to contact us if there is further customisation you wish to have for your fossils not listed.