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Neo Jurassica was founded upon the principle of the preservation of the timeless treasures of the paleontological fossil record. The artefacts we offer are among the most impressive fossils known, and it is our role to ensure they are offered to all persons including yourself who have an interest in natural history. As a result, our fossils are targeted by the most prestigious museums, institutions and private collectors globally. Neo Jurassica believes everyone has the right to acquire fossils due to the shared responsibility of all individuals to preserve our ancient heritage. As a result, we encourage you to collect and preserve all fossils that you can.

All fossils offered by Neo Jurassica are authentic, with the notified exception of cast or composite specimens. We specialise in the provision of skeletal specimens, particularly exceptionally rare complete specimens. The preservation of complete specimens in the fossil record is an event rarely achieved in the Earth’s history. The supply of these exquisite fossil relics directly to you is the provision of an opportunity seldom elsewhere given.

In order to achieve our preservation goal, Neo Jurassica offers you customisation options on all paleo-assets acquired via our services. This largely consists of mounting larger fossil specimens onto custom display stands. This enables these artefacts can be displayed decoratively whilst ensuring the safety and preservation of the fossils. This service is tailored to the geological needs of the individual relic, which is vital for conservation. Furthermore, we provide an extensive range of customisation services to favour your needs, from mounting articulated specimens to support frame construction for wall displays.

Neo Jurassica is more than happy to assist you with any query, please feel free to contact us.