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About Us

Our Philosophy

Our fossils are targeted by the most prestigious museums, institutions and private collectors globally. Neo Jurassica believes everyone has the right to acquire fossils due to the shared responsibility of all individuals to preserve our prehistoric heritage. As a result, we encourage you to collect and preserve all fossils that you can.

Our Principles

The company was founded upon the principle of the preservation of the timeless treasures of the palaeontological fossil record. The specimens we offer are among the most impressive fossils known, and it is our role to ensure they are offered responsibly to all enthusiasts of natural history..

We ensure the responsible collection of fossils by the Neo Jurassica team during expeditions. Fossils we personally collect are acquired legally and in accordance to local fossil collection guidelines. Neo Jurassica records all data required for the later scientific study of specimens whilst excavating. It is also our principle to ensure our fossil hunting expeditions minimise invasive techniques so environmental damage doesn’t occur, and the fossils suffer no damage. We prefer slow, careful and scientifically responsible collection over quick, environment-exploiting extraction.

One principle of Neo Jurassica is scientifically responsible fossil preparation. We avoid or pursue the absolute minimal usage of invasive techniques in bone preparation. Neo Jurassica emphasises future scientific value over decorative appeal, we therefore make sure no soft-tissue impressions are lost during preparation and we are open about the techniques we use. Feel free to contact us if you wish to know any further details concerning the restoration of one of our fossils.

Our Mission

Our mission is to advance the field of palaeontology. Currently private fossil collection uses antiquated methods, it is the aim of Neo Jurassica to encourage the adoption of the latest technology and ensure scientific responsibility in the palaeontology industry.

Our Team

James Hogg

Head of Palaeontological Operations

Email: james.hogg@neojurassica.com

Jason Ma

Head of Business Operations

Email: zhenhao.ma@neojurassica.com